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Guangzhou-Eurolink marketing is a registered Chinese company, sole representative of Guangzhou Toys and Gift Association in Europe. Guangzhou Toys and Gift Association is a semi-government agency with 1200 manufacturers as permanent members and thousands of non-member manufacturers under Guangzhou provincial government. Guangzhou Toys and Gifts Association takes patent rights very seriously and has patent right lawyers at their disposal. Guangzhou Eurolink hopes to help British and European companies have a more positive experience with Guangdong toy and gift manufacturers. Not only is Guangdong China’s top toy manufacturing Province, the Province also ranks as the world’s largest toy production and export base. In 2017 Guangdong’s total toy exports reached $22.7 billion US dollars. Guangdong has become the largest toy and gift manufacturer export base in China, with the yearly amount more than 50% of the world market.